Born and raised in New York, educated in San Francisco, and inspired by the outdoors.

Growing up in the Hudson Valley in New York, i had the privilege of being a Boy Scout and exploring a lot of the surrounding area. Summer's were spent building trail systems, and then riding everything from go karts, to BMX, to motocross bikes and ATV's. We went camping a few times too.

College brought me to Hofstra University, and gave me NYC as a playground. From there i studied Marketing and business, while spending time on Fine Art on the side as a minor. After graduating, i was hired on as a Kitchen and Bath designer in Brooklyn NY as i pursued my passion for design. After spending a few years designing kitchens for high rises and apartment building all over the tri-state area, I felt the need to pursue design even further.

I headed west and moved to San Francisco, where I enrolled in the Academy of Art University to study Industrial Design. Being exposed to the west coast, opened my eyes further to the process of urban living and restored my love for the bicycle. I love the bay area and always will, but the mountains starting calling every winter. 

We packed the car, and headed for Colorado. Skiing and mountain biking keep us moving, but the breweries and local fare slow us back down. 






All images used courtesy: Matt Trappe, Greg Mellon, Ty Milford & Fred Marmsater.