Suburban Vintage

Some of the local gems, with notable patinas.

Ho Chi Min City

I had the opportunity to travel many places, but Vietnam is a very special place. Early in the morning, and sometimes late after a 12 hour day at the factory i got a chance to explore a bit and capture some of the interesting things this wonderful country has to offer.


Last year my Dad was in town, and we had to check out the best kept secret in hot rodding. The Carroll Shelby museum has everything from the lineage of racecars he designed, to the original hand formed aluminum bodies. nice stuff. 

Colorado Railroad Museum

The railroad museum had a lot of great examples of typography littered throughout. Most of them were done by hand, and really showcase the level of craftsmanship on all levels of scale. The weathered mediums really gave everything a nice patina, and the engineering on those locomotives were astounding.